So—I Finally Tried The Banana Creme Pie Pop-Tarts

So yeah, it finally Happened! It only took about a year and a Million trips to Wal-Mart. Cause these things are only available at Wal-Mart. I even tweeted Pop-Tarts. They wanted to get snarky. Dumb move. (See Below) But I finally tried these Pop-Tarts.
So for whatever reason I could not find these in Iowa at all. And would not give me the option to order online. Until, I randomly checked the site last Wednesday. And after a year I finally could order these things. They arrived Friday.  Was it worth the Wait? Probably not. I mean, they aren’t horrible. I’ll just say good. I read some reviews people saying they tasted just like banana bread. Nah. If you like Banana Creme Pie and live in Iowa give it a shot. Assuming you can still order them at

I Also wonder what the KING would have thought of them??



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