Iowa Dudes Earl And Buddy On Shark Tank Tonight!

Image: ABC
So who are Earl and Buddy? And what are they pitching on Shark Tank? Find out below:





Muff Wader overalls were invented by Taylor “Earl” Nees (left) and has been joined by Garret “Buddy” Lamp to start the company. We are just two simple guys who love to have a great time. Located in Holstein, IA with a population of less that 1,500 residents, we grew up fishing, hunting, playing sports, drinking beer, chasing girls, and loving life. The term work hard play hard is a term thrown around, but we are the definition of it.

We are chasing the American dream. To start a business and create jobs for our hometown. This project launch has been years in the making. No clothing designers or businesses gave us small town entrepreneurs a chance. Earl reached out to over 100 companies to help create Muff Waders and often never even got a response. That didn’t stop us. We never gave up and have finally gotten to the point of being able to sell the first ever drinking bibs. We are thrilled to see where Muff Waders is going to take us.  Thank you for supporting us! Do us a favor and keep spreading the good work of MUFF!  Muff said.


Via: MuffWaders 



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