Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Hits One Billion YouTube Views [WATCH]

Image: YouTube


NIRVANA’s iconic 1991 GENERATION X anthem, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” is now officially a part of YOUTUBE’s BILLION VIEWS CLUB.

Nirvana broke into mainstream consciousness in 1991 with the release of their second album, “Nevermind” (GEFFEN/UME). While released with somewhat modest expectations, the album was met with critical acclaim and overwhelming commercial success due in part to the heavy MTV rotation of the video for the album’s lead single “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Created in part as an homage to films like “Over The Edge” and “Rock And Roll High School,” the video features a quasi-riot from the extras (due to exhaustion from a long shoot) and is one of music video’s most vivid and concise portraits of teen angst and rebellion.

With NIRVANA’s more than 4.7 million YOUTUBE subscribers, an entirely new generation of kids with completely different issues are finding their voice in this classic video.

Other NIRVANA facts:

• “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is just the second music video release of the ’90s to reach the BILLION VIEWS CLUB

• The video has averaged over 450K views a day in 2019

• Over the last 12 months, NIRVANA has racked up over 730M views, including the U.S. (150M) along with BRAZIL (70M), MEXICO (64M), FRANCE (31M) and the U.K. (26M)




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